Historical Replicas

Cat’s Meow Village Historical Replica Pieces
 Many times Faline Jones, (CMV creator), designed pieces that were modeled after real buildings. Sometimes the buildings had historical importance, and other times they would be part of a series done on specific towns or geographical areas. Special reproductions can even be requested by customers.
Cat's Meow Village - Ashton Villa
Ashton Villa, Galveston, Texas
  (see history)

Beauregard Keyes house - Cats Meow Village
Beauregard-Keyes House, New Orleans, La.  
(see history)
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Bucyrus Historical Society, Ohio
Bucyrus Historical Society, Ohio  (see history)

Fredrick Douglas House, Washington, D.C.
Fredrick Douglas House, Washington, D.C.  (see history)
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Fulton Fish market, New York, N.Y.
Fulton Fish market, New York, N.Y.  (see history)
Available now at Bonanzle!

The Gallier House, New Orleans, La.
Gallier House, New Orleans, La.  (see history)
Available now at Bonanzle!

Cat's Meow Village - Hermann-Grimma House, New Orleans, La.
Hermann-Grima House, New Orleans, La.   (see history)

Cat's Meow Village - John Belville House
John Belville House, Dayton, Oh.  (see history)
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Cat's Meow Village - Sacred Heart Church
Sacred Heart Church, Galveston, Texas  (see history)

Cat's Meow Village -  Saint Leonards Church
Saint Leonards Church, Cotswold, England  (see history)

Cat's Meow Village - Saint Marks Church
Saint Marks in the Bowery Church, New York, N.Y.  (see history)

Cat's Meow Village - St. Patricks Church
St. Patricks Church, New Orleans, La.  (see history)

Cat's Meow Village - Stockbridge Town Offices
Stockbridge Town Offices, Stockbridge, Ma.  (see history)

Cat's Meow Village - Thompson-Neely House
Thompson-Neely House, Washington Crossing, Pa.  (see history)
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Want to see the very first Cat’s Meow Village Collectibles 1983 Series I? or just return to Home page.

53 Responses

  1. I am looking for the DAR Continental Congress Village for Cat’s Meow.

    Margie Martin

  2. Hello, I am looking for Cape Cod pieces. If you know of anybody selling some, I would love to get in contact with them. Thank you

  3. I have 1988, 1980 pcs and a Alvanas & Coe Barber Shop to sell, plus North Pole Christmas collestion and more to sell.

  4. “The Cat’s Meow Village Finder” ended up being definitely compelling and instructive! Within the present day world honestly, that is hard to achieve. Regards, Britney

  5. I am looking for cats meow of anything in Marietta Ohio. Anyone know where I can find some. Let me know. Thanks, Kathy

    • Hi Kathy,
      I have some signed pieces that you may like. They are: Liberty St. Series County Courthouse ’88, signed by Faline in ’90; St. Christopher Church, Rocky River Ohio ’90, Dixie Shoe Company/Amish Oak Furniture Company 1987, signed ’89;Series V Poice Department 1987, signed ’92, and a black lamppost with a red bow and a roundish light fixture, no date.

      • Thanks but I am only interested in pieces from Marietta Ohio. I have since aquire a few pieces from here. Thank you anyway.

  6. I have Cats Meow things from Marion, Ohio if anyone is interested. Also have 5 pieces of London, England, alot of people, lamposts, cars, flags etc. Trying to sell for raise money for cancer patient. I am not a collector but was given these things to sell for the cancer patient. I can send pics if intrested.

    • I am interested in the Marion, Ohio pieces. Please list the pieces you have and your price for same. You can email me at sguider08@gmail.com

  7. I have a collection of over 400 cmv’s dating to 1983 need to find a buyer

  8. Hey! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding
    one? Thanks a lot!

  9. Hi- I am selling a collection with over 70 pieces All in pristine condition. Many Christmas collections- DC, traditional williamsburg, New England 1989 Christmas Series, 1997 North Pole Christmas collection, 1998 Dickens Christmas Carol collection Etc. If you have any interest please email me. Thanks

    • Can you tell me which Dickens pieces you have? Thanks!

  10. We hang them on the tree or decorate presents with them,
    but what can be done with them once Christmas is over.

    Crush particles in the equipment or perhaps the regular way
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  11. Selling Amish, Victorian, Barn, etc CM which date in the ’90’s. Half of what I paid back than. Also have accessory pieces that go well with them. All in great shape!

  12. I have some of the very first pieces (80’s). I am willing to give them away. All I ask is for buyer to pay shipping costs. All in mint condition & have the little bags, too. Some have never been out of the box!

    • Hi Jane…What cost am I looking at??How much?

    • Are these available still??

  13. I have many old Williamsburg pieces plus accessories. Also Amish

  14. Looking for the cape may bandstand. How can I get it?

    • I have quite a few Cape May Cape May pieces from the early nineties. I have the American Holidays 1996 Collectors Club bandstand, but not the C May bandstand.

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  16. Looking for Linden Place, Bristol, R.I. Thank you.

  17. I am looking for the cat’s meow village for St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland, OH. Thank you

    • I am looking for Waxhaw N. C. House

  18. I am looking for the St. Benedicts Church, Atchison Kansas.Thanks,

  19. I see people buying and selling. My 1980’s pieces are I a box in the closet. with people going back to farmhouse decor, is it time to put them back on the wall?

  20. I am looking for the Breakfast Garden Restaurant in Sea Isle City, NJ

    The restaurant has been torn down and I purchased the house that was built on that site….would love to have the “history” of my home!
    Many thanks!

  21. I need to find a buyer of 95 pieces I have a list. My mom past away and all pieces were stored and never displayed, could you please help.

  22. I have 30 peices of cm of Downtown Old Frederick City, Frederick, Maryland and looking for an interested buyer for some or al of theml. I have pictures of all available peices online and will provide them as requested.

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing pics of what you have for old downtown Frederick along with prices. Thanks!

      • We lived in Frederick County, in the 80′, – 90’s, and collected thirty four Cat’s Meow of Old Downtown Frederick. I am willing to negotiate a good price since I am downsizing. I am not sure how to attach the photos, but will try tonight.

        • If it’s easier, feel free to email me to pattil@comcast.net Note that it’s an “L” & not a 1 after Patti. Thanks!

          • Sending pictures today of Frederick. Maury

      • I am sending you my pictures via your email address;;THANK YOU! !Missing from my 3 emails to you are Two buildings at Hood College: Brodbeck Music Hall & Alumnae Hall missing I didn’t realize I had them in my collection.

  23. I am looking for any pieces related to University of Maryland College Park. If you have or know of anyone or anywhere I could find any at all, please let me know.

    • I live in Bel Air, (Harford County),Maryland. I don’t know anyone who has UMCP Cat’s Meow. Will ask around though.

      • Thank you. I did see an old expired listing from a few years ago on an auction site for one of the buildings but camt verify it was authentic. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

  24. Looking for any Cat’s Meow buildings of Springfield, Ohio.

    • I only have Cat’s Meow of Frederick, Maryland.

  25. I have cat’s Meow Series I thru 14, Collector’s Club pieces 1990 thru 2006, various odd pieces and many many accessory pieces for sale. Will provide list. MUST Sell!

    • Linda I have just discovered Cat’s Meow. Do you have any items for Baltimore, Towson University, MD symbols? Thanks for your reply.

      • I do not. I can email you a list of what I have if you will advise your email if your are interested. Thanks

    • I am trying to send a message to Linda, but I keep on getting a reply box for Bev. So Linda, I am really only interested in MD themed pieces. Thanks for offering to send a list.

      • I have 30 peices of Old Fredick City, Md. Are you interested ?

        • Maurice Thanks for your note. I have no personal connection with Frederick and so I would not be interested. However I have a dear friend who grew up there. I will check and see if she would like to purchase your items.

        • I am interested if you still have them.

  26. Looking for Cats Meow University of Maryland, Notre Dame, or Towson University

    • Bev I am new to collecting. I don’t have any interest in u of MD or Notre Dame. My husband taught at Towson for almost thirty years and I graduated from there in the early 70s. Too bad I waited this long to get interested. Maybe we can find two pieces….one for you and one for me.

  27. I have a collection of 101 Cat’s Meow Houses, some from the 1980’s. I would be happy to send anyone a spreadsheet list of the houses.

  28. I have 2 of the Cats Meow limited edition F J Designs building that has the GOLD cat, one of which is authentically signed by Faline (not just stamped). Just wondering if they are worth anything?

  29. I have a lot of Cats Meows cut into the shape of cats. Is anyone interested in buying them?

  30. I am looking for the North Pole Ski Sled and Skate Factory

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