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• See the Latest Post about Cats Meow Collectibles
What’s the latest word in the world of Cat’s Meow Village

• Historical Cats Meow Village Replicas
Historical information about Cats Meow houses that represent
real places or events

• Series and Collections
Each year there is at least one yearly series issue, in some
years more than one, and special collections and editions.

• History of Cats Meow Village Collectibles
The story of Faline Jones, (Cat’s Meow creator), and how the
Cat’s Meow Wooden Collectibles actually started.

• Where to Buy Cat’s Meow Village Collectibles Online
Locate that “hard to find” piece or search for the best deals

New Cats Meow Collectibles information is being posted weekly, (sometimes daily), especially the Historical Replica section – be the first to know by subscribing to the RSS feed.


The Cat’s Meow Village Finder is the place to gather or contribute historical information about CMV, (Cat’s Meow Village), pieces, find sources for the pieces you are looking for, or just chat about your collection and layouts.

Since it’s start in 1982 CMV has produced over 35,000 designs. Although most designs were created for resale, many designs were also created for other purposes, like special collector club issues or custom productions commissioned by groups and organizations.

As time allows I will post pictures and info about special pieces, but don’t forget to take a look at the other pages here that will list pieces by series and collections, or check out the CMV history section that will be a continuing thread about Faline Jones, creator of CMV, and how it all started, and where she is today.

I hope you will check out my ‘For Sale’ CMV pieces at Appletreedeals Collectibles.

Appletreedeals Collectibles

Appletreedeals Collectibles

Feel free to comment or ask questions, particularly if you can add to the history of this.


You might be interested in the first Cat’s Meow Village series issued in 1983.


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2 Responses

  1. I have quite a few pieces that I may need to get rid of.I’ve been collecting for maybe 18 years now.They’ve always moved w/ us (everyone calls them my real estate) but I may need to “downsize”.How can I find the values and connect w/ potential buyers.

  2. Greetings Donna, Finding the value of your pieces is as easy as doing a Google search for your items and see what other sites are selling them for, and you can also search your items on ebay to see what individuals are selling them for. Getting that value is another matter. I have found that unless I find a collector looking for a specific piece, the average price range is $2 – $10 per piece. Even for retired pieces. If your collection includes complete series or specific groupings you could try to auction them on ebay to get a better value.

    When doing your Google search, always put “The Cat’s Meow Village” (without quotes) before your piece name. This will make your search results more accurate.

    When doing an ebay search, don’t forget to also look at the “Completed Listings” (in the advanced search menu in the left sidebar) to see what the pieces actually sold for. Not just what they were listed for.

    Surprisingly, I had had great results at local fleamarkets. I rent a space for $5 – $15 and sell pieces for $10, or 3 for $25.

    Hope this helps,

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