Buy Cats Meow Village Collectibles Online

Where to get the best price on Cat’s Meow Village Collectibles?

Shopping online for Cats Meow houses can sometimes give you too many choices. And the fact that you can’t hold a piece in your hands and check it out before you buy means you want to be extra-sure of exactly what you are buying before you pay.

cat's meow village collectibles

If you are looking for a new Cat’s Meow piece – go to the source!

•  Cat’s Meow Village Website

Buying from the home of Cat’s Meow pieces is like buying in a manufacturer’s outlet. You can be sure you will be getting just what you thought, and you may also get additional perks, like; email specials, coupon discounts, and club memberships.

But if you are looking for a retired Cat’s Meow piece …

… there are more to places to consider.

cat's meow village collectibles

•  Cat’s Meow Houses on ebay

ebay has some of the best deals on the net’, and most of the time the best selection, you should always check here first.

But remember that most of the time the pieces you find will be one-time deals, not regular inventory-type items, so if you find a piece you want, make a decision – don’t let someone else snatch it up while you “think” about it.

cat's meow village collectibles

Cat’s Meow Houses on Bonanzle

Bonanzle is frequently compared to the “old” ebay, (in a good way), and is the main site that many ebay sellers are moving to.

But, Bonanzle is not an auction site! It is more like a mini-mall with ebay-like prices. This should be your next stop if ebay didn’t have the piece you were looking for.

cat's meow village collectibles

Cat’s Meow Houses on eCrater

Google and sellers both love eCrater. It is another e-Mall set-up, not an auction site, and product selection is huge. There is usually a large selection of retired Cat’s Meow Village Collectibles here.

To get the best price on any Cat’s Meow house, be sure to look for free shipping.

cat's meow village collectibles

Cat’s Meow Houses on iOffer

iOffer is also an eMall, but with a twist. If you like to negotiate and bargain, you should check out iOffer.

It is not an auction site, so if you see something you like, you can buy it now. … Or you can “make an offer” to the seller to bargain for a cheaper price, or free shipping, or even to barter something you have to trade. It’s fun and worth a look.

Feel free to comment or ask questions, particularly if you can add to the history of a Cat’s Meow Village Piece.


You might be interested in the first Cat’s Meow Village series issued in 1983.


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50 Responses

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if you buy used cats meow pieces? I have the first 10 years or so, of each series plus the accessories.

    Thanks Janice

    • i am looking for the Georgetown Kentucky pieces.

      • Kathleen, did you have any luck finding the Georgetown, KY cat’s meow? If so, would you mind sharing where you found them. I’m looking for the Louisville Kentucky Cat’s Meow village pieces myself and am having trouble locating them.

  2. I was wondering if you buy used cats meow pieces? I have the first 10 years or so of each series plus all the accessories.

    Thanks Janice

  3. I am looking for cats meow from Marietta Ohio. If you know where I can find some let me know. Thanks, Kathy

    • I have: St. Mary’s Catholic Church (1909), Two Horned Church (1906), The Betsey Mills Club, Marietta City Building, Unitarian Universalist Church, Return Jonathan Meigs Home, Wendelken’s.

    • I also have from Williamstown, WV: Fenton Art Glass Company/Gift Shop, Clarence is a “Gaffer” sitting at his bench shaping glass

  4. I am looking for Cats Meow for Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

  5. Kristen I would be interested in your collection from Marietta Ohio and the Fenton glass cats meow. Let me know what you want for them. Thanks, Kathy

  6. $100 for the complete set. Are you in the Marietta, OH area? My husband was from that area and will be coming there this summer.

  7. Kristen
    Yes I have lived in Marietta for the last 3 years. it’s a beautiful town, love it here. yes I will give you $100.00 for the set. How do I get you the money?

  8. Kathy, thanks for your reply. I am happy that the Marietta pieces will be home again! You can reach me at 937-335-3616. Thanks!!!

  9. Kristen
    Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. The weekend was busy. When is a good time to call? Thanks!

    • Thanks for your note Kathy. You can call between noon and 9:00 tonight or the same times on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. Talk to you soon, Kristen

  10. Are all of the pieces signed by Faline? I have 16 different pieces ranging from 1983 to 95 that I’m looking to sell.

    • The Women’s Club, copyright ’88 signed ’89

      Z. Jones Basketmaker, copyright ’88, signed ’89

      Vandenberg House, copyright -88 (hard to read), signed ’91

      Stone’s Restaurant, copyright ’93, signed ’93

      H & E Ships Chandlery, copyright ’87 sighed ’89

      Smith & Leunx Haberdashers, copyright ’90, signed ’91

      Jenney Grist Mill, copyright ’88, signed ’89

      Governor Snyder Manson, copyright ’01, signed ’93

      Cinderella Cottage, copyright ’97, signed ’97

      Seville Hardware, copyright ’89, signed ’89

      Franklin Library, copyright ’87, signed ’90

      Emmanuel Church, copyright ’93, signed ’95

      St. John’s Church, copyright ’90, signed ’90

      Medina City Firehouse, copyright ’90, signed ’91

      O’ Malley’s Livery Stable, copyright ’86, signed ’88

      Apothecary, copyright ’83, signed ’88

      Maple Grove School, copyright ’98, signed ’98

      Selling all for only $100

  11. I am looking for Put In Bay Cats Meow downtown buildings.

  12. I have just started collecting and am interested in reference material like a list of all that have been produced, how to store them, display them etc. I am also looking for any pieces representing the Annapolis Maryland area, especially historical buildings. Can anyone help?
    Thank you,

    • I am many Cats Meow pieces from 1980’s. I also have a pamphlet that was distributed from Cats Meow that list of all that was produced for that year. Let me know if you are interested.

    • Hi Janice, I have over 200 Cats Meow houses that my sister gave me when she moved. They date from 1984 to 1999. None are from Annapolis but I have many from Williamsburg, London, many Series collection, Collector’s club items etc. Let me know if you’re interested in any.

    • I have the Washington DC series.

      • Susie – my wife has many of the first series and a collection of about 1000 pieces. She is interested in selling all the pieces. Tom Robertson

        • Tom – I am interested in the 2001, 2002 Candy Cane Express Series. Does your wife have these available?

          • Hi all, my name is Paul, and I am seeking the CUSTOM Salem Massachusetts Cats Meow pieces, made exclusively for the “Stoned Elephant” gift shop decades ago. Most of these (but not all) can be identified with the words “Stoned Elephant” on the back. Particularly seeking the Peabody Essex Museum piece (it says “East India Marine Hall” on the front), but would be delighted to consider other custom pieces of Salem landmarks as well. Please feel free to reach out to me here if any of you happen to have these custom pieces in your collection. (I already have all the Salem landmarks from the “Historic Salem series”!) My sincere thanks, Paul

        • Does she have Captain Tony’s from Key West? Any from Kent Island, Maryland? Thanks.

  13. I am looking for a collector in or near Iowa. I have many to pieces to pass on cheaply. I am not sure what all they are as they have been stored. I have no use or room for them anymore. They will need to be picked up as I don’t drive.They are pretty old and in misc. shape.

  14. Hello! I am looking for someone who is trying to sell pieces of the Chattanooga, TN collection, specifically the Read House and Ruby Falls pieces. Thanks!

  15. I have Colonial Williamsburg, VA series. Also the taverns, homes & shops of Williamsburg. Some accessory pieces also at unheard of prices!

  16. Wiliamsburg CM. Cheap & accessories free!

  17. I have Series V-VII if anyone is interested

  18. Looking for Lafayette College pieces

  19. I am looking for the Brown County Courthouse, Green Bay, Wi. After 45 years of employment with Brown County I have retired and would like one. Thank you for you help.

  20. I am looking for ANY Univ of MD pieces for my Mom as a gift. Hers were lost in a fire.

  21. I am looking for the THOMAS ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH, Lynchburg, VA, cat’s meow

  22. Hi there, my name is Paul, and I am seeking Cat’s Meow pieces from Salem Massachusetts. Specifically seeking the custom pieces of the Salem Witch House and the Peabody Essex Museum that were created for the Stoned Elephant store, but interested in hearing from folks who have other pieces for sale from Salem.

  23. Tom – looking to sell 800 early pieces.

  24. I am looking for Brown County Courthouse, Green Bay, Wi. Thank you

  25. I am looking for the Skate Ski and Sled Factory from the North Pole Series

  26. I am looking for Preble Hall – University of Maine (UMPI). I can’t seem to locate it anywhere, it is discontinued.

  27. I’M looking for Indiana Purdue University big drum cats meow. Help!

  28. I am looking for the Old Auburn High School Auburn MA c.2000

  29. Looking for Put-In-Bay, Ohio items.

  30. Looking for Put-In-Bay, Ohio items.

  31. I’m looking for Academy High School and other Erie, PA collectibles.

    • Diana – sorry – we do not have what you are looking for – I have about a thousand pieces starting with the first series to sell. Tom

    • Diana, I have over 1,000 Cat’s Meows, many from Erie PA. Academy HS is more than likely in my collection.

  32. I used to have a membership to the Cat’s Meow club do you still have membership’s?

  33. My wife has about a 1000 pieces including the first ser that we are looking to sell all the pieces.

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