Cat’s Meow Village 1983 Series I pieces

Photo Credit: Hanson Photographic - The Cat's Meow Village, 10 yrs. of building History, by Dee Williams

Photo Credit: Hanson Photographic - The Cat's Meow Village, 10 yrs. of building History, by Dee Williams

There were 12 different pieces included in the 1983 Series I (1).

This series did include the trademark Casper the Black Cat, and they were still made with the early production methods that used, real wood, hand-painting, and individually stamped piece info and signature.

The pieces were:

  • The Garrison House
  • Toy Shop
  • Federal House
  • Apothercary Shop
  • Red Whale Inn
  • School
  • Florist Shop
  • Sweet Shop
  • Victorian House
  • Bookstore
  • Barbershop
  • Antique Shop

There are several features of this early series that demonstrate the infancy of the company:

  • The painted appearance of the pieces definitely show the primitiveness of the hand-painted designs

Photo credit:Hanson Photographic, Dee Williams – 10 yrs. Building History

  • several pieces use the same building and paint design, with only minor detail changes. as above; Bookstore, Barbershop,Garrison House. and Sweet Shop.
  • And again below, with the Florist, Apothecary, Antiques, and Toy Shops.

Photo credit:Hanson Photographic, Dee Williams – 10 yrs. Building History

  • Also note in the four pieces below, that the Red Whale Inn and the Federal House are also the same basic design, with only minor changes.
  • The two unique pieces in this first series were the Victorian House and the School, on the far right.

Photo credit:Hanson Photographic, Dee Williams – 10 yrs. Building History

Note: As told in “The history of CMV”, this first series came about due to the prompting of the two gift shop owners that helped Faline Jones launch the Cat’s Meow Village Collections. You can see the full history story from the tab at the top of this page.

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Feel free to comment or ask questions, particularly if you can add to the history of this.


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15 Responses

  1. I am interest in the Barber shop from the 1983 series. Is this available as a single puchase? If so please contact me wth the amont and how to order.

    Thank you

    • Greetings Ronald, and thanks for your interest.
      I have not seen that piece available recently. A quick search of other sites that have large inventories did not return any results.

      I will let you know if I can find this piece for you.


  2. Dear Sirs:
    I am seeking a wholesale source to provide us with silkscreened wooden facades such as yours for several of the historic buildings in our restored 1850 bog iron village here in Farmingdale, NJ. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated.
    Bud LaVance
    Allaire Village General Store and Museum Gift Shop

  3. I have several pieces from series II and III. I would like to sell, but do not know how to go about doing this.

  4. I have the complete set of Series I plus the lamp post. Wanting to know how much they are worth. Might want to sell my collection.

  5. We have this series hand signed by Faline. Anyone know what might be a price?

  6. For Sale:
    1983 Sweet Shop
    I can send a photo

  7. We have a collection of Series l – 12, including many of the optional pieces. All are stored in conditioned space, in air tight dust proof containers, in original paper pouches, in a smoke free home. They have not been displayed since 1992 when we moved to our present residence. When displayed, they were inside a glass enclosed curio cabinet. Wish to sell entire collection to a single buyer. An inventory list is available for serious inquiries.

    • Hi Bob, I am in a similar situation…I am trying to sell a large collection and was wondering if you were able to sell yours. If so, how did you do it and did you get your asking price (if you don’t mind telling me!)?

      • I have a collection starting with Series I. I am now living in a retirement community and do not collect or display any more. I need to sell what I have. What is the best way? Have several complete series retired in the 90’s, some limited edition pieces, collectors club pieces, and numerous accessories retired in early 90’s.

    • Am selling a very large collection. Series 1 thru 12 with many specialty pieces included. Inventory list available and prefer to sell all to a single purchaser. Pieces are still in original protective paper wrapper and have never been displayed outside of a glass enclosed curio cabinet. Owners are non-smokers. Reply to:

  8. No, I never heard nothing.


  10. Looking for the Point of Rocks train station if someone could help

  11. I have complete sets Series 1 – 10. Interested in selling.

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