Fulton Fish Market – Cars Meow Village

CMV Fulton Fish Market in New York

CMV Fulton Fish Market in New York

This piece available now at Bonanzle!

The vintage wooden collectible Fulton Fish Market in the Bowery in New York is from the 1995 New York Christmas Series. Since this is a retired piece it is no longer available at the “Official” Cat’s Meow Village website, but it is still available at other web sources. The best value source for this piece is probably ebay, but it can also be found at Appletreedeals or with a google search. Prices range from an ebay auction price starting at .99 to retail sales prices at online sites for around $21.95.

The 1995 New York Christmas Series was retired in 2000. First year issues generally go for slightly more than later issues, but piece condition is always a major factor. Since these pieces are 12 – 22 years old, and were probably in someone’s collection, it is important to try to get as much condition info as possible. This mean pictures, so you can see for yourself what you are buying.

The production process for this series has the piece info and Faline’s stamped signature and date of issue on the bottom left corner of the back side of the piece. And as in all authentic CMV pieces, look for Casper the cat somewhere on the piece. On the Fulton Market piece, Casper is sitting by the front doors, watching all the arrivals.

Occasionally pieces can be found that were in retail inventory and never collected or displayed by anyone, but even then, due to various storage methods, item condition still needs to be seen. Any good source for CMV pieces should be able to provide good clear front and rear view photos. That was the case with the Appletreedeals.com source, plenty of pictures and a good item description.


Fulton Fish Market

The Fulton Fish Market is a fish market in New York, United States. It was originally a wing of the Fulton Market, established in 1822 to sell a variety of foodstuffs and produce. In November 2005, the Fish Market relocated to a new facility in Hunts Point from its historic location near the Brooklyn Bridge along the East River waterfront at and above Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

During much of its 183-year tenure at the original site, the Fulton Fish Market was the most important wholesale East Coast fish market in the United States of America. Opening in 1822, it was the destination of fishing boats from across the Atlantic Ocean. By the 1950s, most of the Market’s fish were trucked in rather than offloaded from the docks. The wholesalers at the Market then sold it to restaurateurs and retailers who purchased fresh fish of every imaginable variety. It was possible for fish to be rushed from fishing ports in New England to wholesale buyers at the Fulton Fish Market, who might then resell it to retail markets and restaurants in the very same towns where the catch originated.

Prices at the Fulton Fish Market were tracked and reported by the U.S. Government. In its original location, it was one of the last, and most significant, of the great wholesale food markets of New York. It survived major fires in 1835, 1845, 1918, and 1995.

I will be posting more individual CMV piece pictures from my collection, and will include as much history and source locater information as I can. Feel free to comment or ask questions, particularly if you can add to the history of the piece.

This piece available now at Bonanzle!


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