Series and Collections

Each year new Cats Meow Village pieces are issued in Series, this has included both numbered series, (e.g. Series I … XIV, etc.), and also special theme series. (e.g. Christmas Series, Back-roads Series, General Stores, etc.)

As Cat’s Meow Collectibles gained in popularity, they also began issuing geographical and event series, (e.g. town and region series, and Fourth of July series, etc.) They also began issuing limited-time special edition and Collector’s Club pieces.

These series are listed below. (*this is an ongoing project so be sure to check back often, or subscribe to the RSS feed to be the first to get new listings)

Series and Collections by year:

•  1983 Series I
This series included 12 Cats Meow houses,
but only 4 different piece shapes.

1983 Williamsburg Series
This series included 4 Cats Meow houses.

1984 Series II Cats Meow Village
This series included 10 Cats Meow houses.

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54 Responses

  1. When was the first Christmas set made/ sold?

    • Thanks for your visit.

      I believe the first Christmas Series was Williamsburg Christmas Series issued in 1983. There were 4 pieces: Georgian House, Federal House, Garrison House, and Christmas Church.

      This info is from the Dee Williams book – “The Cat’s Meow Village – 10 years of Building History”

      Hope this information helped.


  2. I have a series one complete set. I wish to sell it. What is the going rate for a series one set?

  3. I Was Wondering Why The Martin Luther King Piece Was Pulled So Quckly From The Market Years Ago

  4. I like cat’s mow homes

  5. Cat’s Meow decided not to have their collectors club anymore. Does anyone know of any Ca’t Meow Village collectors clubs that are continuing on their own?

  6. I am selling some of my retired pieces due to downsizing my home, are their any places other than ebay and Craigslist to sell to other collectors?

    • Hi! I have seen them on Etsy. I might be interested in pieces from your collection. Do you have any from Nantucket, Cape Cod or Key West?

  7. For Sale:
    1983: Cherry Tree Inn and Post Office
    1985: Christmas House
    1986: Home
    1987: Telegraph Office & Post Office
    Also, I have cows and a tree.
    I can send photos.

  8. I have pieces from 1988 series IV through 1996 series XIV.
    Also, 1988 Painted Ladies Series – Lady Elizabeth
    1993 St. Charles Christmas Series-St. Peter’s Catholic Church
    Lewis & Clark Center
    Stone Row
    Newbill Mcelhiney House
    1995 Bed & Breakfast Series – Southmoreland
    1995 The Haas-Lilienthal Home San Francisco, CA (Levi Strauss)
    Also, various little trees, a gazebo, light posts, fence, vet carriage, gas pump, phone booth, Main St. Sign.

  9. I have many houses & accessories willing to see for $1 a piece. Good shape. Just $1 each + shipping. Victorian Ladies, Williamsburg, Amish, barns, & many more. Buyer pays shipping. If interested just contact me & I will send you list. Just no more to display them.

  10. Karen J. I have some Cape Cod/Nantucket pieces available if still interested. Cleaned out my attic!

  11. Hi Gloria, what do you have?

  12. Karen, I have:
    First congregational Church-Nantucket
    Chatham Squire Inn – Chatham, MA Cape Cod
    Cap’t Parkers (Restaurant-voted best chowder!)
    Brewster General Store
    Ferry Islander – M. Vineyard
    Wequasett Inn Orleans
    Eastham Windmill Eastham
    Silver Lounge N. Falmouth
    Pilgrim Monument
    Impudent Oyster (Bar/Restaurant) Chatham
    Cap’t Cass (Fisher man’s Restaurant!) Rock Harbor, Orleans

    Think that may be it for the Cape.

  13. Hi Gloria, thank you again for your reply. You have several I would be interested in. Do we exchange email addresses to get in touch? Have a great evening, Karen

  14. Karen, Would love for you to enjoy these as much as I have. Moving and purging my collectibles.

  15. I have a bunch of cats meow that I’m looking to sell… Is anyone interested… Tytyty

    • Hi Jen! I collect Cape Cod, Nantucket and Key West. Do you have any? ~Karen

    • Looking for buildings featuring Penn State University or State College, PA, Do you have any of them.

      • Hello Cheryl Norman: I don’t know whether you are still interested in Penn State Cats Meow; but I have several from my mother who was an alumnus. Nancy D’Angelo

  16. Hi all, I am looking to sell Cat Meow’s that I inherited from my mother. I have about 175 of them. Some are series, some are singles. I do not have any Nantucket, Cape Cod, or Key West CM. I have many from Pennsylvania up to NH. Some of the series I have are,

    VI Series, (10)
    Ohio Amish Series (4)
    VIII Series (3)
    Painted Ladies Series (4)
    XI Series (4)
    Lionel Train Series (3)
    Williamsburg Christmas Ornament Series (2)
    CMV Williamsburg Merchants (4)
    CMV Master Builders Collectible Club (4)
    CMV Mt. Rushmore Presidential Series (4)
    CMV Homes Club (4)

    There are 3 different pieces that are signed by FJ.

    I am looking to sell all 175 + for about $600 or BO. They are not in perfect condition as they were not packed properly. I do have pictures of all of them if you are interested.

    • I am looking for LIONEL Norfolk & Western Passenger Set and Lionel Girl’s Train Set, both Cats Meow, circa 1990 – 92. Prefer boxed, but not vital.

  17. I have cat meow houses to sell if anyone interested. I have over 300 pc and lots of Christmas sets and some signed sets. If interested please contact me. Thanks

    • I am looking for anything in the Dickens Christmas Carol series, in particular the Ghost of Christmas yet to come.

  18. I also have numerous Cats Meow going back to the first series. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.

  19. My spouse and I have Series l thru 10 primary pieces + numerous accessories. They are in excellent condition, in original paper sleeve wrappers, and stored in a dust-free temperature controlled climate. When displayed they were in a large glass enclosed curio cabinet in a smoke free home. We would like to sell the entire collection.

    • I’m not sure what number Series these pieces come from, but do you have anything from the Dickens Series? Would you be willing to sell pieces individually?

  20. I have the ice cream parlor cats meow but its shaped like a cat, haven’t seen anything like it. Is this original?

    • I have a large number of these. I was told years ago when they were actually made of wood, if there was a mistake made in the piece, they would make it into a cat shape. Not sure of the truth of this statement, but ? ? ? They certainly must be rare, since I have never seen any information on them or even mentioned other than your post.

  21. I have a collection starting with pieces from series 1 going thru series from the mid 90’s, some complete retired series, limited edition pieces, collectors club pieces, many accessory pieces, display shelving, tote bags. I need to find buyers ir a buyer for the whole collection.

  22. I am looking for the Brown County Courthouse, Green Bay Wi. I do not know the series it is in. Any info would be helpful.

  23. I have a some ‘of the glow in the dark special edition Halloween Cat’s Meow Houses. I want to sell them. They are in new condition – still in Cat’s Meow bags. Anyone interested?

    • Do you have the 3 pc 2009 (Crescent moon inn, Village bakery, Ghouls prep school), 2 pc 2010 (change your luck credit union, Howling Harvest market), or 3 pc 2011 (Monster mash malt shop, howl at the moon music store, One armed petes trading) halloween sets?

  24. I’m looking for St. John’s Catholic Church in the Frederick, Md collection. That will complete my collection.

  25. We have the Chippawa Lake series including the bathhouse dance hall arcade and dining room. Are there any other pieces. If so please let us know. Thanks

    • I know this post was from 2016 but I have the Midway and Pavillion in that series and the Bathhouse and Ballroom.

  26. I have over 100 pieces of Cats Meow Village. Most are from PA, NJ and DE. I have Christmas and Halloween groups. I also have one of the White House in D.C. during Clinton era with Socks the cat on front along with the usual black cat. I am interested in selling entire collection only.

  27. I have about 30 Cats Meow Village pieces, wood, shaped like cats. I heard they used to make cat shapes out of the ones that were not “perfect”. I am interested in selling them, but have no idea of what they are worth. Does anyone have knowledge of these?

  28. I have about 200-300 pieces of Cats Meow Villages some are complete series others individual pieces. My mother recently passed away and this was a collection of hers. Some pieces have even been autographed by Faline herself. Pieces are from all over the country as my parents traveled.

  29. I have a 28 piece of galana village is there any value? It’s signed

  30. I am in Search of Lighthouses…especially from the East Coast

  31. Looking for Wolfeboro New Hampshire series…plz notify if you find one!

  32. Need 2010 pieces

  33. I need 2010 Halloween Series

  34. I am looking for Maple Hall at Becker College.

  35. I have several series items if anyone is interested.
    * Light House Waterfront series: Sand Island, Sandy Hook, Split Rock, Cape Hatteres, Admiralty Head
    *Dickens : Scrooge & Marley, Scrooge’s Flat, Fezziwig Warehouse
    *Stockbridge Christmas : Williams & Son’s, Town Offices
    *Annapolis: Chase-Loyd House, Maryland Inn,
    *New York: Clement C Moore House, Fulton Market, Fraunces Tavern
    *Washington DC: Capital, National Archives, US Supreme Court
    *Chippewe Lake: Bathhouse, Ballroom. Midway, Pavillion,
    *California: Mission San Buenaventura, Mission San Luis Rey
    *New Orleans: St Patrick’s Church
    *Series VI: Fish/Meat Market
    *Series IX: CPA Law Offices, Governor Snyder Mansion, Jeweler/Optometrist, Central City Opera House, Spanish Hardware, All Saint, Chapel, The Trebel Clef
    *It’s a Wonderful Life: Martinis, Gower Drugs, Bailey House, Bailey Bros. Building & Loan

  36. I know this post was from 2016 but I have the Midway and Pavillion in that series and the Bathhouse and Ballroom.

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